Pizza Ovens

Mimmo’s Brick Pizza Ovens offers both pre-fabricated and made-to-order brick pizza ovens. If you have something different from our 4 pre-fabricated models in mind, let us know and we’ll come up with a design that’s right for you!

Pre-Fabricated Pizza Ovens

Roma Wood-Fired Oven

Our Roma wood-fired oven offers big performance in a small footprint. If you want to be able to cook the best-tasting pizza with the little room you have, this is the oven for you. Great for indoor installations with limited space, this professional grade wood-fired oven heats up to 900°F in an hour or less. Cook authentic Neapolitan pizzas in 60-90 seconds.

Milano Wood-Fired Oven

Our Milano professional wood-fired oven will perform exceptionally well under the most demanding conditions, whether you install it indoors or out, at home or in your restaurant. All of our ovens have the perfect parabolic shape and dome-to-door cavity ratio. Our traditional arched door opening creates a strikingly beautiful design.

Toscano Wood-Fired Oven

In the old days, you had only one option. If you wanted a wood-fired oven, it had to be built on site, and it was time consuming and labor intensive. Finding a stonemason with the necessary experience was a job in itself! These brick ovens feature thick walls that take an average of 4-6 hours of burning to reach the optimal pizza cooking temperature of 900°F.

Double Door Pizza Oven

Double door pizza ovens work great both indoors and outdoors. Simply cook indoors when the weather is cold, and outside when it’s warm. Thanks to their unique design, double door pizza oven vents can be placed either indoors or outdoors.

Experience the Best Ovens in the Business

Custom Pizza Ovens

Mimmo’s Brick Pizza Ovens has been installing custom brick pizza ovens all over Macomb County since 1998. Our custom design options include indoor or outdoor models, built-in BBQ grills with countertop and wood and gas combo ovens.

  • Earthstone Wood Burners are great for year round use!
  • “Forno” – Authentic Italian Fire Wood Burners for your patio
  • Mimmo’s Brick Pizza Ovens move your kitchen outdoors
  • Custom Built for your needs and your lifestyle
  • Available with built-in BBQ Grill surrounded by custom counter tops
  • Can be installed indoors as well as outside
  • Perfect addition to complete your outdoor living space
  • Proud to have served Metro Detroit for over 30 years!



Experience the Best Ovens in the Business